Thursday, July 29, 2010

Small Uninteresting Post

Dear Internets,

I've been avoiding my blog this week, because I felt this weird internal pressure to write a Big Interesting Post.

I'm not sure why I feel this pressing need to say something important here; I'm sure I could make something up from [what I remember from] Psych 101 about my lack of certainty about my job situation, or my tendency to avoid certain problems by focusing on other less important problems. But really, that just sounds boring and exhausting for both you and me. Instead, I think I'll go old school and get back into posting with a bullet points-y letter to the Internets.

  • I just got this email:
    Tomorrow is [redacted]'s last day! We are "honoring" him with cake at the coffee bar at 3:45. Come join us!!
    Hmmm... Sounds fishy. I don't know if I trust that what they are "honoring" him with is actually "cake." I think I'll pass.
  • Kim, who I have decided is my sister from another mister, is nearing her 500th post. I am in awe of her tenacity. I was looking through the list of blogs I follow (which I haven't really updated much since I started blogging)(I should do that) and I'd say at least 80% of those bloggers are no longer blogging. Getting up to 500 posts pretty much makes Kim one of the rulers of the Internets.
  • Two of my favorite non-U.S. bloggers are coming to visit the U.S. in August, and even though the U.S. is like, really big, and they are both coming here to visit family and friends and you know, not me, it reminds me how much I would like to meet most of the Internets in real life. (We would definitely need margaritas, though, because although I may seem relaxed and funny-ish onstage, I'm actually really socially awkward in person.)
  • I am not going to BlogHer. Poor little me.
  • My half marathon training is (dare I say it?) sort of... fun so far. I think it helps that I've been super stressed by both my employment situation and the extra work I've picked up at my second job. Exercising really does help me feel less stressed. (Less tired/grumpy/irritable? Not so much...)

I think that's all my brain has room for today. Love your face, Internets!



Hillary said...

I totally know what you mean about worrying about small stuff so you don't have to worry about bigger stuff (says the lady fretting about hotels in Vegas instead of, you know, the giant final she is bound to fail.)

I'm not going to BlogHer either. I feel okay with that. I mean, yeah I'd like to go and meet all the people I bloglove but it seems like a lot of work. And I really don't handle drama well and it seems like BlogHer tends to get a bit drama-y.

I feel like we should organize a Vegas blogger meetup while I'm there in September (because it's all about ME and and my schedule. Obviously.)

texpat said...

we should totally meet up if that's not too stalkerish. haha. :) i'll be in austin for exactly one night and one morning and i'm meeting an old friend for dinner in the evening. if you have an idea for breakfast or something in the city, let me know!

Kim said...

I wish I ruled the internets! How powerful I would be!

I'm not going to BlogHer either. I wish I were.

mrs.notouching said...

As you can see from the comments - nobody important is going to BlogHer this year... so it's a good year to skip it.
And I think it would be totally cool to meet up and be all awkward together. We'll just need to wait until I can drink again... babies are awful for your social life.

hernewdeal said...

I'm going to BlogHer, and it really doesn't seem like that many people I know are. In other words, I wish you were.