Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just say "Ohi"

I've been listening to some Greek language CDs ever since we booked our honeymoon. I have to say, I'm a bit concerned with the direction the lessons have been taking in the past few days.

It starts out innocently enough. A man sees a young woman on the bus. He asks her if she speaks English. She says no. He says he speaks a little Greek. She says he speaks very well. They bid each other adieu.

In the next lesson, they bump into each other again. The man tells the woman he's American, not Greek. (To which I say, well, duh. She probably guessed he wasn't Greek when he couldn't speak Greek when they met on the bus.) She says she's Greek, not American. He asks her how she is. She tells him she's fine, thanks. Then she sees a friend and rather abruptly ends the conversation to go talk to him. The lesson doesn't get into it, but I get the feeling that the American man is rather miffed.

Things began to get really troubling by about the fourth lesson. At first, the man simply seems to be asking the woman directions to Victory Street (which is over there) from Sophocles Street (which is over here). However, I think the man and woman must end up walking to Victory Street together, because suddenly, Victory Street is over here and Sophocles Street is over there. The woman mentions that she's thirsty, and would like to drink something. The man emphatically says that *he* is not thirsty, he's hungry. This time, he is the one who abruptly ends the conversation and walks away.

Apparently Greek women find the hard-to-get man as intriguing as my American friends do, because by the time they bump into each other again in the next lesson, she's inviting the American man for drinks. "Where would you like to drink?" she asks. "Your place," he replies. "My place?" she asks. "When?" "Yes, your place," he replies. "Now."

Now, I don't want to sound like my mother, but I really don't think this woman should be inviting a man she hardly knows over to her place for drinks. Coffee could be fine, or perhaps they could go to a restaurant for a beer. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling the American man only has one thing on his mind. Plus, who's to say he's not just a total creeper? I mean, how often have you met normal people on the bus? I'm hoping the Greek woman comes back to her senses by the next lesson.


In other news, I think I may need a new hobby.

I did order a camera (thanks for the encouragement!) and have started making a packing list. Does anyone have any book/TV recommendations? I need to be prepared; the in-flight movie on the way back from Puerto Rico was "Marley & Me," and I ended up ugly crying almost the entire way home.


eemusings said...

Woah, that's a tad disturbing. How do these CDs work - do you kind of read along with them?

Her said...

Better than a perv, I guess? I've been wanting to learn a language, so I'll have to stay away from your program!

If you want book recommendations, check out my Goodreads list--it's under my real name email address.

Anonymous said...

Haha!! You should seriously keep us updated on what's happening. :) How many lessons are there?

Kim said...

The person that drafted the scripts for those lessons needs a swift kick in the ass.