Monday, April 26, 2010

I probably just need a nap

Things that make me grouchy on Monday mornings (a partial list):
  1. birds
  2. responsibilities
  3. alarm clocks
  4. the sun
  5. people who get up early and go to the gym
  6. people who don't need coffee
  7. people who already drank a lot of coffee and now want to talk to me
  8. political discussion
  9. lowest common denominator radio deejays
  10. allergies


Anonymous said...

Seriously, alarm clocks make me murderous in the morning. My poor fiance can attest to this fact.

Anonymous said...

Alarm clocks are of the devil. Truth.

Also, people that don't need coffee aren't normal. I need about 3 before I'm human again.

Kim said...

Allergies and Alarm Clocks. Sounds like the title for a good alt-country song. :)

Her said...

Naps on Mondays are never a bad thing. I probably sound so spoiled, but I rarely use alarm clocks now, so when I do, they're this bizarre jolt to my system.

The deafness protects me from the birds. =)