Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Weecap! With bullet points!

Dear Internets,

It has been a while since I've done a bullet point update. I think we're overdue.
  • Even though Informal Classes got canceled, the currently scheduled classes will still run. This means my stand up comedy class is still on. Yay?
  • I think I'm getting too old for Facebook. Every time they change the interface, I get more confused.
  • We had a baby shower at work. My boss told me she hoped I wasn't getting any ideas about having babies myself. I told her Achilles and I want to go to Europe again before we have kids. Then everyone looked at me like I was the devil. Am I the devil? I thought saying "IwantkidslikeOMGrightnow!" would make me seem crazy.
  • After I politely explained our situation, the guest who added his son's girlfriend apologized profusely and removed her from his RSVP. I felt sort of guilty, but I would feel worse if one of our other guests (who aren't bringing kids or dates) got their feelings hurt.
  • Other wedding news: I made some little bird sculptures to use as cupcake stand toppers. I will post pictures and let you guys vote on which ones you think we should use.
  • Our wedding is turning out to be very traditional. This is not what I originally wanted, but it seemed to take that direction on its own. I think I'm OK with that.
  • I'm going to make my nephew some Hulk/Valentine's cupcakes. We'll see how those turn out.
  • I love Valentine's Day. It has the best color scheme of any holiday. It's like pink and purple and lavender and red got together and exploded into heart-shaped everything. If Halloween had a Valentine's color scheme? My life would be complete.
How are you this week, Internets?



Anonymous said...

I think traditional wedding are the nicest ones! :)

Her said...

It will all work out with your wedding, though you'll probably wish you eloped. ;)

I hope your cupcakes are like the spiderman ones! Share the pictures!

Kim said...

YEAY!!!! The comedy class is back on!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

I did not see the original post about the guest who added his son's girlfriend (just read it now), but I am very glad you spoke up to them. I hate it when people just presume their children/significant others/neighbors/etc are invited.

Do you read the blog? They have a whole section in the forum on wedding horror stories.