Thursday, February 11, 2010

To the birds

Dear Internets,

As I mentioned yesterday, I made a few prototypes of little bird statues. I want to pick a pair to serve as cupcake stand (cake) toppers at Achilles' and my wedding. (I made these myself out of Crayola clay and paint, but with the exception of couple 3, the birds were mostly inspired by designs I saw on Etsy. Don't give me too much credit!)

Couple 1

Couple 2

Couple 3

These are just prototypes - I will definitely make a fancier/cleaner version of whichever couple is deemed cutest. (For example, the bride in Couple 1 would not have a Don King veil.) Also, my florist/BFF said she could make a little nest for the birdies to live in, so they wouldn't just be hanging out on top of the cupcakes.

Which birds do you like best?

Thanks for weighing in, Internets!



Kim said...

To be honest, I like all of them. So that helps none. But I voted for number 2.

Rachel said...

I like them all too, but I am partial to one, because of the Emperor-Penguin-esque quality.

Laura. said...

I really like the lady-bird in the third couple, but the man-bird hat looks a bit like a yamaka, at least in the photo. They're all cute though! Put the extras on random tables next to the centerpieces!

psychsarah said...

I love them all too. If the cake/cupcake is white, the blue ones would be adorable, but really, any would be lovely.

Little Ms Blogger said...

The veil on bride one kills me -- so adorable.