Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New look!

Dear Internets,

I redesigned my blog a bit. If you have a minutes, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know the following:
  1. What do you think of the look overall? Is there anything that is hard for you to read?
  2. How easily are you able to view blog posts? Do you need to scroll horizontally?
  3. Do you use a browser other than Firefox or IE? Do you notice any problems?
  4. Is there anything you wish I hadn't changed? Is there anything else you would like to see on the main page (or on its own separate page)?
  5. Are you able to easily find out:
  • how to subscribe?
  • where to find me on Twitter?
  • the blog archives?
  • how to search the blog?
Thanks for your help Internets! I owe you cupcakes.



Diary of Why said...

Lovely! Looks good to me.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks good to me :)

Hillary said...

Looks great! I really like it. Finding you on Twitter took an extra minute (it's just on the contact page, right?) but other than that I had no probs.

Her said...

I agree with Hillary--I'd like to see a Twitter widget, but otherwise, everything looks smashing! Orange happens to be one of my favorite colors.

I'll be emailing you with address for the cupcakes! ;)

SavingDiva said...

I love it! Your header is adorable!

texpat said...

Looks great! The only thing I would say is that it's hard to read the white page titles on the orange background, but that may be me going colorblind. :)

The header is great!!

Kim said...

It looks great! I really like it. I don't have to scroll horizontally. I use firefox. What else...oh, I don't think I found the Twitter thing (though I'm already following you). It's easy to read.

Looks amazing!

Laura said...

Mostly good! I love the new look. I'm in Firefox and there are no weird scrolling or layout issues.


-despite its incredible cuteness, the blog header is fuzzy, it looks like you're using a version that is too low-resolution.
-if someone's link to Twitter isn't on the home page of the blog, I don't look any further, I just assume they don't have Twitter or don't want anyone to know about it.

That's all! Nice makeover :)

Elle said...

It looks perfect to me! :D