Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love notes

Dear Donuts,

Shhh.... You don't have to tell anyone about our secret rendezvous. It'll just be between us.



Dear Pants,

Please stop inching up around my ankles to reveal my bumblebee socks. It's probably not professional.



Dear Bailey,

I'm glad you enjoyed being dropped off at the house with the giant yard this morning. Please don't bark all day.



Dear Jane,

Please stop referring to yourself as your dog's "mama." It's pretty effing creepy. Your boyfriend reads this blog.

The Universe


Dear Universe,

Please send more donuts.



Anonymous said...

your blog keeps me laughing like crazy. :)

also, ask the universe if i could have some donuts too please!

Laura said...

I think Bailey was dropped off next door to me!!

And I wouldnt mind a donut or two - please

Karen said...

Mmmm donuts! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Of course, you know I always love these mini-notes.

But I love how the Universe wrote you one this time.

Katelin said...

seriously, i could go for some donuts right now. my waistline would disagree, but i would love it anyways :)

Jane said...

wanderingtex - Aw, thanks! I will send in your request and keep my fingers crossed. :)

Laura - Barking dogs are the worst! My mom said he behaved himself, but who knows? I'll put your request in with wanderingtex's.

Karen - Yes... I concur...

perfectlycursedlife - Sometimes the Universe needs to put me in my place.

Katelin - I think they really put a damper on my 30-Day Shred plans, but oh well, they were delicious!

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

Thank you for making me laugh.