Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bullet Points of Sleepiness

Dear Internets,

I'm sleepy today, so you get bullet points. Yay bullet points! Right? Sigh...
  • Watching Bailey play outside yesterday made me really want to buy a house with a yard.
  • Sadly, I think it's condo city for the Distractible family for the foreseeable future.
  • Anyway, I think if we had a yard, Achilles would want to get a German Shepherd puppy, and I'm kind of intimidated by German Shepherds.
  • Also, German Shepherds are *really* hairy.
  • Cold fronts make me sleepy.
  • I want to go see my nephew at lunch, but I'm kind of afraid he'll knock me down.
  • Shush up, he's really strong for a 2-year-old.
  • Despite being sleepy, I feel oddly compelled to do the "Single Ladies" dance around my office. I think that might perk me up.
  • I'm probably sleepy because I haven't been eating well. I need to remember to take time to take care of myself.
  • I think I may have watched too much Oprah over the holiday break.
  • I also may have watched too much HGTV over the break. I have a strong desire to scrape down all the popcorn texture from my ceilings, and then re-texture and repaint them. I am not sure this is within my capabilities as a do-it-yourself-er.
  • Should I go on an Alaskan cruise with my parents, grandma, and aunt this spring?


Laura said...

YES go on the cruise!!!

WOWEE can you DO the single ladies dance? I just sit and watch in awe!

Anonymous said...

I second that... go on the cruise...

and yeah post that YouTube video of the dance... we gotta see it.

Hillary said...

I think you should go on the cruise, especially if you get to visit Vancouver because Vancouver is lovely.

Tiffany & Brandon said...

I've heard that Alaskan cruises are fantastic! Also, what is the single ladies dance? Am I out of the ever-loving loop here?

Jane said...

Laura - I can sort of do the single ladies dance. And by that, I can do the major head flips and a lot of improvisation.

Liam - Um... Good try!

Hillary - Vancouver is one of the stops. I think we might actually depart from Vancouver. If so, we'd probably spend an extra couple of nights there.

Teej - (don't be freaked out by the "confirm birth date" message. He's just wearing a super-spangly outfit.

Megkathleen said...

I'm sleepy too. I wonder if a dance around the office would revive me too. I might have to try it.

Jane said...

Megkathleen - It's surprisingly effective, I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Ok... watched it...

Is it wrong that I'm oddly aroused?