Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold, sleepy, etc.

Dear Internets,

I am finding it impossible to concentrate on anything except how nice it would be to go home and snuggle in bed until Daylight Saving Time returns. How do those of you who live in colder/darker places than Texas survive the winter?

Yours curiously,


Suzanne said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, its pertty much impossible, and after my 3rd winter in a non-sunny place, i want to shoot myself in the face. BUT, there is a little thing called a sun lamp that i have hopefully convinced someone to get me for christmas! :) go get one now if you can!!

Anonymous said...


today the sun has been out for awhile, so that's something.

Hillary said...


cake baker said...

I live near large mountains with lots of snow. It gets dark at 5:15pm. How I deal with it;
-two types of antidepressants (prescribed)
-Vitamins: Vit. D-3, at least 1.000 IU/day. B-12 5,000 mcg.
-snuggling with my woman and my dog.

Oh, and burying my nose in my computer reading blogs.

Jane said...

Got it - medication, sun lamp, food, gin, vitamins, snuggling and blogs. I think I can handle that... Maybe winter's not so bad after all?