Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Belated thank you...

Dear Internets,

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes! You are the frosting on my cupcakes, the bananas in my pudding, the wind beneath my wings.

I meant to do a super-fancy birthday post - 101 things about me, 29 things to do before my 29th birthday, etc - but I fell asleep early last night. (I was a little down-in-the-dumps yesterday after spending all day at a rather depressing motivational seminar. Forget what I said about the world needing demotivational speakers; motivational speakers are depressing enough by themselves.)

Anyhoo, aside from watching what sort of felt like the decline of civilization all day, my birthday was fun. Achilles wasn't supposed to get me a present (he got me tickets to see the Jim Gaffigan Comedy Central taping this weekend), but he got me Guitar Hero World Tour and my very own wireless guitar controller. I don't like to brag, but I am kind of a Guitar Hero rockstar, and I think the wireless controller will help me reach new heights in my faux-rockstar-dom*.

I also plan to buy the fake drum set so I can also be a fake drummer. Based on what my friend Margot (who is in a real metal band in which she plays her own music at real clubs) says, this mostly means that I will show up late to practice and quit the band right when they are supposed to record an album because I got my sometimes-girlfriend pregnant. Fingers crossed!

Love always,

*Ooh! Apparently GH World Tour is compatible with Rock Band. You may not hear from me for a while Internets. I'm just warning you.


tal said...

sounds like a rocking birthday!...i'm still holding out for tambourine hero, or maybe groupie hero... :)

Kim said...

The Mister is hell bent on getting us these games. We have the other GH games and a million guitar controllers lying around. We need some other sort of fake instruments. :)

Jane said...

Tal: Ahahahahaha - "Groupie Hero"! That's priceless. I am thinking that one might not get rated "E" for everyone...

Samantha: I still don't have the other fake instruments yet, but I have played Rock Band with friends. I pretty much made a complete arse of myself playing the drums, but it was fun.