Friday, August 15, 2008

Hawaiian Shirt Day

Dear Friday,

You are dragging like a bag full of... heavy, wet things that are hard to drag. Please stop this ASAP. I can only make so many trips to the water machine/bathroom...


P.S. You do have a little mystery, Friday. One of the tiny pink paper cranes I made out of half of a mini Post-It is missing from the small paper crane colony at my desk. The other three are undisturbed and accounted for, so I'm really not sure what happened to him. If you could call Miss Marple, that would be extremely helpful.

Only one little pink paper crane. How sad. She'll probably get stuck with the little yellow crane at the kids' table at Thanksgiving.

But wait...

It's Swingline and the Amazing Technicolor DreamCrane!

Disaster is averted. Could it be true love?

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