Friday, July 18, 2008

Energy Expenditures

Dear Internets,

Sometimes, I think I have less energy than most of my friends. Well, not less energy, exactly. I think it's a different type of energy.

We all like bar trivia, Rock Band/Trivial Pursuit nights, and in general, being giant nerds. But sometimes, they're a little more "let's go see the Batman movie on opening weekend," while I'm a little more "that sounds kind of exhausting, let's do a road trip to watch baby sea turtles be released instead."

Some of the other things I've suggested we do lately:

Chicken Sh*t Bingo. (I call it "Chicken Poo Bingo," because I'm not cool enough to pull off using curse words.) There's a bar here where every Sunday, they put a chicken on a giant "bingo board" (aka, a table with a grid of numbers on it) and people make bets on where the chicken will do its business. Cock fighting would never have become popular if someone had just thought of this first, let me tell you.

Topaz hunting or berry picking. Although it is about a zillion degrees outside, I think these are both activities I'd brave the heat for. It's like socially-acceptable treasure hunting! We'd be like the Goonies (or the Goonies of increasing your fiber intake, depending).

Shakespeare at Winedale. Students from UT perform Shakespeare in a barn near Round Top, Texas. It's Shakespeare! In the country! Plus, I think you can bring your own wine.

Baseball Game. Sure, not everyone likes baseball. In fact some people seriously hate it. But you can carry on a whole conversation, drink a beer and eat artery-clogging food, and still follow the game. Plus, it's the Minor League, so it doesn't all cost $792. What's not to like?

My friends just think I'm crazy, I think. Of course, I do sometimes suggest normal activities, like doing mini spa days, taking cooking classes, watching musical theater in the park, touring one of the nearby vineyards, or going cliff diving. And sometimes I can get them to go along with my plans. But more often than not, it's "Barn Dancing? You must be crazy."

Oh well, Internets. One day they'll come around.

Love ya,

P.S. I've worked a lot of extra hours this week. I'm really tempted to ask to leave 30 minutes early tonight so that I can drive out to see the Old 97's play in some place called Helote, TX. I need some Rhett Miller time.


Dawntoya and Adam said...

Well thanks Jane:) I wasnt writing it to "diss" anyone and I think you saw that. Thanks alot for the comment.

jkupetz said...

Leaving work early on a Friday to go to a show? That doesn't sound like a "lack of energy" to me!

Diary of Why said...

I love the Old 97s! I hope you got to see them!