Friday, June 20, 2008

TGI... no, I just can't say it

Dear Internets,

You know those people who go around all week asking everyone if it's Friday yet? And then on Fridays, they go around saying either "TGIF, right?" or "Is it 5:00 yet?"

Today may turn me into one of those people... The day has just dragged. [I think it's because I'm still licking my wounds from being yelled at by a security guard this morning. (I was daydreaming and accidentally drove to the wrong parking garage.) I don't know why it upset me. The guards are a grouchy bunch that just really like to yell. But still... It didn't exactly set the tone for a great day.]

Hopefully this weekend will be better. I'm working at my second job, building a flower bed on my back patio, and possibly going to watch a bike race.

I hope you have a quiet, non-yelly weekend.



tal said...

urg. and its already almost monday now...poop.

Louise said...

Weekends hold a whole new meaning for me now that I am not home with my kids everyday. I share Talia's comment tonight...

ps. your comments keep ending up in our spam but now that I know I will go in everyday and dig them out. Not sure why it happens? For some reason our internets don't like each other much and I have a hard time getting comments through to you as well. Argh.