Sunday, June 24, 2012

Info Hoard

I think I might be an information hoarder.

I have thousands of bookmarks, Pins, lists, and Google documents all neatly filed away into various categories: interesting online shops, things to make, places to visit, workouts or recipes to try. I see something interesting and tuck it neatly into a folder to look at "when I have time."

In fairness, I'm relatively organized about my hoarding; I can find anything I'm looking for within a few seconds, and I keep my computer desktop, browser windows, and dock clean. My information is easy to access, and since I mostly store everything online, my hoarding doesn't really cost me anything but time. And when Abe is working nights, and I'm bored or lonely, it is pleasant to browse through my online lists and make vague plans to do something with the stuff I've accumulated.

The thing is, though, that I'm not doing anything with all this mental fluff I'm saving. For me, planning is the ultimate form of procrastination.

Now that I've recognized the problem, I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm pretty sure if I make some sort of plan to deal with all my links, I'll just be procrastinating anyway.

Maybe I'll just shut the virtual closet door and ignore the problem until it goes away.


Crystal said...

Oh I'm the same way! I love adding websites to my "Favourites" lists, buying tons of books at once then just looking at them on the shelf for months, and don't even get me started on Pinterest!

I think there is something 'safe' about planning and organizing, and something terrifying about having to take responsibility for what we've hoarded (by actually making one of those Pinterest recipes, for example).

I'm following you on there now. Random fact? You have a board called 'I Want to Go to There' like me! Happy to see some other 30 Rock fans out there :)

kim said...

I do the same thing. My bookmarks are always a hot mess. Sometimes it makes me feel claustrophobic and I clean them out. But you never know when you'll need that article...