Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bullet points and some pictures of my dog

  • We got Bailey one of those dog couches at Costco. He likes it.
  • I'm applying for a new job that I probably won't get. It pays more, and I wouldn't be working from home full-time anymore. I think it would be a pretty enjoyable job, but mostly, I just need to stop answering phones for a living. Last week a guy told one of my coworkers that if she turned out to be wrong about some information, he'd find her, gut her, and string her intestines up like Christmas lights. Um. Yeah.
  • I think my family is pretty much fed up with me. At least Abe's family likes us. 
  • I am overwhelmed with Things To Do. I just don't know where to start so I stare paralyzed at my to-do list while it continues to grow.
  • Sometimes, I think Bailey and I should just trade places Freaky Friday style.


Crystal said...

Those pics of Bailey are so cute! I wish there was a Costco in France so I could get the same dog couch.

I get overwhelmed by my To Do list too. Apparently civilized society expects us to have a To Do list...maybe I'll just give it up and let sh*t happen on its own time.

Good luck with the new job...I hope it makes you happier :)

kim said...

Costco is the best.

That guy talking to your co-worker sounds like a Grade A Asshole. What a jackass!