Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random question

Is anyone else so afraid of X-rays that you'd rather disrobe completely at the airport than go through one of the full-body scanners? When you read articles that compare the level of radiation exposure to the amount of radiation you'd be exposed to on the plane, do you decide that maybe travel doesn't sound so fun after all?

Just me? Sigh.

I realize I'm in the minority, but I'm not afraid of plane crashes or terrorists - I'm afraid of radiation poisoning and cancer. (I sort of blame one of my aunts for my phobia; when I was about five or six she told me that using microwave ovens and electric blankets would cause all my hair to fall out.)

For the record, I'm not just afraid of radiation exposure at airplanes and airports. I'm also afraid of granite countertops, cell phones, faulty medical equipment, and radioactive soil. I'm highly suspicious of the massive power grid near my condo, my car, my computer, and my household appliances.

However, even though I'm a paranoid weirdo, I'm also a realist. I will continue to talk on my cell phone and use my appliances (although I don't microwave any plastic). If it's a choice between being a part of modern society and being a hermit in the woods, I vote for facing my fears. I never liked camping that much anyway. (I'll save my discussion of my fear of tree roaches for another post.)

I still refuse to use an electric blanket, though. Old habits die hard.


Elizabeth said...

Those machines sound TERRIBLE to me--the FAA says they're safe, blah blah blah, but I don't trust that. I don't see how they've done enough research just yet, and they won't let babies go through them...hmm. You can decline--I'd rather be searched, honestly.

I feel suspicious of granite too--my fruit spoils faster when it's directly on granite then when I put it on a wood cutting board. Suspect, no?

J said...

Pilot unions are advising their pilots not to use those scanners.

Hillary said...

wait, what? what is this granite countertop business?

angelasw said...

I understand most of your fears, except the granite countertop thing. If I owned a house and had the money for remodel, I don't know if I'd put them in my house since they (like stainless steel appliances, no matter how good-looking) are sooooooooooo trendy, kinda like the skinny jeans and neon shirts of kitchens. Also, there's a middle ground between Steve Jobs and the Unabomber. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Jaco also doesn't like using an electric blanket - when he was little he had one on his bed and it caught fire. Scary!