Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gone to the dogs

When I made my little cake topper birds, I remembered how much I enjoy making critters out of modeling clay. Here are my latest creations.

I'm wondering how I should paint them, and whether or not I should make a mommy dog to go with the dad and pup. Thoughts?

I'm also horribly afraid our condo will soon be overrun by tiny animals.


Diary of Why said...

OMG, I love dachshunds! These are the cutest ever! (Do I foresee a new Etsy store opening in the near future? It would prevent your apartment from being overrun with tiny animals, in any case.) :)

Her said...

Dachshunds!!! I'm so in love--you captured their nature so well.

Kim said...

Very cute! I love that the one dog has a hat.

mrs.notouching said...

Love it! Yeah, the pup needs a mom or at least another dad.