Saturday, March 27, 2010

We did it!

More pictures to come soon. Thank you again to all our wonderful friends and family, the amazing staff at Shoreline, Melanie Dodds (our amazing photographer), LisaLyn designs, and our fantastic pedicab drivers.

Jane and Achilles (aka Sandra and Abe)

P.S. Thanks to my sister Tamara for taking this picture.


Laura. said...


mrs.notouching said...

Love the splash of hot pink! You look so happy and I cannot wait to see more pictures! Congrats again!

texpat said...

wow!! yall both look sooo happy! congrats! can't wait for more pictures!

psychsarah said...

Yippeeee! Looks like you're having a great time. Loooove the pink shawl! Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats x 1000!!!! :)

Katelin said...

aw congrats! this picture is so cute and you two look so happy, love it!

Unknown said...

Sandra (and Abe)--

It was such an honor to be a part of your day! :-) You, Abe, and your friends and family are all so fantastic!

And for the record: You made the PERFECT choice on your dress. You looked comfortable, happy, and absolutely stunning....and the pictures show it! Couldn't have asked for a nicer and more photogenic couple! :-)

I'm loving editing your photos as they are all so fun and full of love!!!

Take care, and enjoy your newlywed-ness.



Kim said...

CONGRATS@!!! My first internet friend got married. :) What a happy couple you two are!

doahleigh said...

So cool! Can't wait to see more pics. Congrats on the stand up too!

Hillary said...

Is that a moooosetash in your hand??

PS: Congratulations!