Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just pluggin along

Dear Internets,

Aside from a series of minor calamities (shattering a bottle of hot pink nail polish all over the bathroom, burning my hand rather severely on my parents' toaster, accidentally slamming the car door on the end of Bailey's tail, etc.) life has been rather uneventful. Most of my energy has been focused on being annoyed angry with UT for canceling their community informal classes program (which hosts my comedy class and my original return to horseback riding class, among others) and taking care of somewhat boring wedding details. Any remaining energy has been directed toward worrying - about anything, everything, nothing.

Other than that, I've been going to work, going home, spending too much time and money on Etsy, and going to bed early. Rinse, repeat.

Life is boring. I should probably be happy about that, I guess.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes boring can be wonderful!

Elle said...

I agree with the previous commenter! But just try not to worry so much. I hope you feel better soon - but 'boring' doesn't have to be negative.

(Gah - I'm at Etsy addict too. Discovered it last year and can't keep off the damn site!) :D

sleepyjane said...

Yep - same here. Quiet and a little boring...but I'm okay with that.

Kim said...

That sucks that your class got canceled! I was looking forward to hearing about that.

Her said...

I want some boring right now! You should spice things up by coming to visit Boston!