Sunday, January 3, 2010

Although we go... to the end of the vacation road...

Dear Work,

Why do I have to go back to you tomorrow? I'm just not ready. I'm glad to have you, really, it's just that I *really* got used to being on vacation. I went back to Job #2 yesterday, and that was fine, so my return to you will probably be fine too. Right? Right?



Dear Michael Cera,

I like love have adored for years and years the song that's playing in the trailer for your new movie. I could recommend a few Old 97's songs that would be great in an Arrested Development movie.

I'm just sayin.



Dear Condo,

If you could magically restore yourself to pre-renovation project cleanliness/organization levels, that would be great.



Dear Self,

What happened to eating healthier and exercising over the winter break? Shame on you (and those delicious chocolate candy pretzels).

Yours shamefully,


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad i dont go back until the 11th. also, michael cera is my dream boat. michael cera + old 97s = be still my beating heart.

Rachel said...

No, any getting healthier/exercise/whatever plan does not need to start until January 4th - a Monday. It's pretty much a rule when New Years/X-Mas are on Fridays.

Yes. A Rule.

Meg Kathleen said...

Who can resist chocolate covered pretzels? They're EVIL.