Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scene 3

Jane: Hey, this girl reads my blog. And I read her blog. Which means I was totally one of the first people to know about the McNuggettini. I knew about it pre-YouTube. Because I totally followed Georgia for like, ever.
Achilles: That's pretty cool.
Jane: Hey, that kind of makes me the ultimate hipster, huh? Like, I could totally be queen of the hipsters now. Except that saying that I could be queen of the hipsters automatically disqualifies me from the running. Damn.
Achilles: ...
Jane: I don't want to be queen of the hipsters anyway. I'm over hipsters. Plus, they smell funny.
Achilles: What do hipsters smell like?
Jane: Used records, gin, and thrift store clothing. And disdain.
Achilles: Gross.
Jane: I really am sort of over hipsters. What do you think will replace them?
Achilles: Robots.

**** end scene ****

P.S. Rock on Georgia!


Rassles said...

Well that is just fantastic. Look at you, being a trendsetter.

Hillary said...

there is nothing wrong with smelling like gin

Kim said...

I was wondering who would replace I know. :)

Anonymous said...

"Used records, gin, and thrift store clothing. And disdain."

this is exactly how i imagine hipsters smell. :)