Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Internets,

Bullet points of awesomeness:
  • Last night, I composed 87 blog posts in my head. This morning, I had forgotten them all. Hate.
  • In other news, one of my coworkers left me religious-themed chocolate as a Christmas present. Note to pushy coworker: chocolate that needs Jesus to market itself is not generally the world's most delicious chocolate.
  • Achilles and I have been watching the first season of Dexter on Netflix (you can watch a lot of movies and television series instantly on your TV now. I predicted this day would come nine years ago. Take note, people who might want to hire me: I am a visionary). Dexter is great, but I do not recommend watching it before bed unless you want to have some wild dreams.
  • I am still bummed about the chocolate.
Hope your holiday week is off to a great start Internets!



Anonymous said...

I hate when you have a ton of blog ideas and then when you go to hit new post, you come up with nothing... I have a million post it notes all over my house with ideas though

Kim said...

Jesus chocolate? Crazy stuff there.

Anonymous said...

it seems like all the chocolate people are giving me lately is shaped like jesus, frosty or rudolph and it all tastes like cardboard. bah.

Anonymous said...

Dude at least you HAD ideas for blog posts. I'm lucky if I can get up the energy to turn on my laptop this time of year. ;)

Happy holidays!