Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday I've got bullet points

Dear Internets,

It's Thursday afternoon. Do you know where your bullet points are? Mine are right here.
  • You know what the world needs? Another wedding planning blog. This one's mine and Achilles'.
  • I had to go to the lady doctor for my annual exam this morning. As usual, I got referred to get a mammogram/breast ultrasound. Even though this is becoming pretty standard for me, it still freaks me out a little. I'm sure it'll be fine, though.
  • I took one of those online career aptitude tests yesterday. After clicking through eleven hundred and ninety million advertisements, it told me I should be an undertaker/funeral director. Say what?? I think the result was due to all the ambiguous questions the test asked like, "T/F: I am a person who follows the rules." I mean, what rules did they mean? "No white after Labor Day" is a little different than "Do unto others." But maybe they are right and I would love being an undertaker. At least the test results were a little more interesting than most other online tests' results. Usually I just get something along the lines of "you would enjoy a helping occupation."
  • My friend's Queen tribute band is hosting a costume party on a boat tomorrow night. That should be fun. I sort of feel like Halloween is already over, though.
  • Another of my friends is hosting a Clue (aka Cluedo) costume party this Saturday. I'm going to be Mrs. White. ("Flames... Flames on the side of my face...") At first the plan was just to watch the movie and eat cupcakes, but I convinced them we should play a miniature game of Assassin using fake Clue weapons. This may end up either being very fun or very dangerous.
Any bullet points you'd like to add Internets?

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

A Queen tribute band!!??! That's AWESOME! :)

Anonymous said...

Your "wesite" is in my reader. ;)

I have to second the above comment..that IS awesome. I freaking love Queen.

doahleigh said...

Oh we're twins! I used to get "funeral director" all the time when I took those tests.

Want to open a funeral home with me? Apparently it'll be most kick ass funeral home out there.