Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Virtual Reality, pt deux

Dear Internets,

I am glad that I'm not the only one whose family has taken up Facebook. Your comments were awesome. If I were not the "can you fix my computer?" girl, I would totally play the "I didn't get your friend request! Computers are weird!" card and ignore all of my family members' forays into social networking.

I realized that sleepyjane made a great point: I shouldn't hide who I am (she is awesome, that sleepyjane). I decided that I'm going to follow the same rules with family that I apply to non-family member Facebook friendships:
  1. If I have no idea who you are, I am not going to accept your friend request
  2. Ditto if I would feel the need to censor my page in order for you to look at it
  3. Ditto if you are my creepy stalker ex-boyfriend from high school (that one does not apply to family, I suppose)
  4. I will not put anything on my page that I would not feel comfortable talking about in a job interview (if you have a problem with me drinking a pina colada on the beach in Puerto Rico, I probably do not want to work for you. Actually, if you brought up my vacation photos in a job interview, I would probably not want to work for you either. Creep.)
My application of these rules meant that I accepted the friend requests from my aunt and cousin, who accept (even if they don't appreciate) my sense of irony. It also meant that I ignored the friend request from one of my mom's cousins, who was in clear violation of rules 1 and 2.*

Now I'm just hoping that Achilles' parents never figure out the Facebook. (Hillary - your mother-in-law's friend request is going to give me nightmares. Oh, the horror...)


*I don't want to make assumptions (I have never met the lady), but my mom's cousin is a Facebook "fan" of The Bible, THE Bible, THE BIBLE, The BIBLE,** I love Jesus, Jesus Daily, Fox News, Sarah Palin, God Guns & American Freedom, God, Jesus, and Old Fashioned Christian Sunday School Songs. I'm worried she would look at my page, take my religous views of "Extremist" literally, and try to sprinkle me with holy water at a family reunion or something.***
**Seriously... I had no idea that there were so many unique fan pages for the Bible.
***I am a horrible, judgmental jerk. Don't make assumptions about people, Internets. Do as I say, not as I do.


Kim said...

The Mister's dad's side of the family is on facebook...I can handle that. The day my mother in law figures it out is the day i'm out of there.

Anonymous said...

Good approach imo. ;)

Thankfully my mom and dad aren't big fans of the internets. YAY

tal said...

"god and guns" sends shivers down my spine.