Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear Internets,

I've been sort of avoiding any activities (besides work) that would require me to leave the house. Don't worry; I'm not depressed - it's just that my "friends" seem determined to document the '09 Mullet in photographs. [Note from Jane: now taking applications for new friends.]

Mostly to stave off boredom, I made a couple of celebrity collages (I also wanted to look back fondly on days when my hair didn't make me look like I was trying to score a walk-on role on Jerry Springer, but that was secondary).

I was sort of distracted (go figure) and didn't look very closely at the first picture I uploaded. I realized when the software recognized my face that I'd been staring into the sun when the photo was taken. I figured, "what the heck," and ran the celebrity match anyway.

Apparently, when I'm squinting I look like a cross between Tony Blair (70%), Vicente Fox (68%), and Sylvia Plath (67%). Stand back boys, and prepare to be emasculated. Meow!

I ran the program again with a different picture and was matched with Kate Winslet (90%), Christian Slater (80%), Giselle Bundchen (78%), and Jimmy Stewart (74%). At that point, I decided to quit while I was ahead, and never never forget to wear sunglasses again.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Internets.


P.S. The mullet will hopefully be fixed on Monday. Fingers crossed!


Elizabeth said...

It can't be that bad. Right? =/

Yay for getting it taken care of!

Anonymous said...

Let go of all the others and cling to Kate Winslet 'cause that woman is GORGEOUS!! :)

Here's to hoping you will be mullet free by Monday evening. ;)

Kim said...

I think the Kate Winslet comparison is a great one!

I'm hoping your mullet woes are over today!