Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Delicious, but not nutritious

Dear Internets,

A debate has been raging percolating lazily coming up from time to time in the Distractible household: are 1950's housewife food and stereotypical white trash food essentially the same thing?

Person A thinks that things like banana pudding (with Cool Whip, of course) and food made in Crock Pots are kind of white trash.

Person B thinks that these are just delicious 1950's housewife foods. Person B might even refer to these foods as "retro."

Person A postulates that 1950's housewife foods and white trash foods are really the same thing. Person A brings up Spam.

Person B gets annoyed, because Spam is not even really food. (Unless you are Hawaiian. Person B would hate to offend anyone because of cultural differences.) Besides isn't steak a quintessential 1950's housewife food? Steak is not white trash. (Person B does not mention season 1 of Veronica Mars, in which Keith and Veronica eat steak "like the lower-middle class to which [they] aspire.")

Person A and Person B are both firm in their belief that they are right.

Thus, Internets, we have reached a stalemate. What do you think? Are 1950's housewife foods just a little bit white trash? Are the trendy foods of today the low-class foods of tomorrow? Are tapas the cocktail wieners of tomorrow? Or are things like tuna casserole just deliciously retro foods that happen to feature shelf-stable ingredients distributed by Kraft Foods? If possible, please site examples to support your case.

Gratefully yours,


Kim said...

They might be trashy, but they're about all I can make. :)

(P.S. Your comment showed up on my blog today and wasn't blocked for the first time. I almost cried I was so excited.)

Anonymous said...

Not sure as here in SA we have the usual "traditional" foods.

Such as Rys, vleis en groente. (Rice, meat and veggies)

tal said...

i'm not sure where i should weigh in on the debate, seeing as i have always loved both 1950's house wives and white trash people...but i will share an example: ambrosia fruit salad...truly the gift of the gods and the trailer park.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, but the 50s food is always served with a cocktail a la June Cleaver (that is the right decade?). Probably almost anything you could get in the Luby's line would be a little trashy--jello, liver, blach. But, hey! So much of it is delicious--mac n cheese, fried fish...

I'm not sure if this contributes to the debate at all, but that's my non-take.