Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am not a $30 cookie sheet kind of girl

Dear Internets,

I told my family I'd rather not get birthday or Christmas gifts this year. They complied (mostly) and didn't get me gifts for my birthday, but my mom told me that she felt really bad not buying me anything.

Since making people feel bad pretty much defeats the whole purpose of "no gifts, please," I decided to send my family a link to my wish list so they'd have ideas for things I might like if they decided to buy me a Christmas gift.

BIG MISTAKE! I keep the list mostly to use as a reference for things I might like to someday buy myself. Apparently, I don't self-censor as much as I should*. My mom told me she thought my list was "weird," and that she's buying me "a nice, high-quality cookie sheet" instead.

Now, I have nothing against cookie sheets (lately I love baking, and at one point actually requested a couple of cookie sheets or a hand mixer), but I'm not really a $27 (plus tax!) cookie sheet kind of girl. To me, that would mean that I'd have to commit to 1.) not finding something new and exciting to replace my baking hobby for at least 54 batches of cookies**, and 2.) not accidentally losing or misplacing the cookie sheet. (I could just as easily be Disorganized or Forgetful Jane as Distractible Jane.)

Also, what exactly makes my list weird? It's like she doesn't even know me (sniff!). I'm tempted to show my mom weird and give her a stocking full of these for Christmas. Hmpf.

Love always,

P.S. Stay tuned for a Christmas giveaway.

*I did put the Mr. T bobblehead on there mostly as a joke. Is it uncouth to be facetious on a wish list?
**I figure after about 54 batches of cookies, the cost of the upgraded cookie sheet would average out to be about an extra $.02 per cookie, which doesn't seem too unreasonable.


Suzanne said...

I think your wish list looks pretty normal....don't know what that says about me.

Elizabeth said...

OMG-I am not even kidding. I bought those very hand soaps off of Etsy for my uncle for Christmas. He is very weird, so they are a perfect match. I will totally show them to you on Friday. Creeepay.

Also, I had a mishap with my wishlist too. My dad was at the outlet mall and called me asking which Le Creuset pot I wanted. I had no clue what he meant, because I had forgotten that they were on the wish list. I had to explain that I didn't really want them, that it was just a reminder of things to look around for!

Tiffany & Brandon said...

Hehe, your list was pretty funny, but not weird. I love the etsy stuff. Including the viking beanie. :-)

BTW: Did it snow in Austin??

Jane said...

Suzanne - I think it says that you have excellent taste.

Elizabeth - Oh, that's too funny! Maybe our parents just want to make sure they are taking care of our baking needs.

Teej - I love the beanie! I was thinking of trying to make one with longer horns so that it would be a Longhorn. And yes! It snowed! The ground wasn't cold enough for it to stick, but it actually snowed fairly heavily for a few minutes. Did it snow in Houston?

tal said...

a mustache chart. i never knew they existed, but now i dont know how i am living without one.

Anonymous said...

Hoooooly... poop. $27 for a cookie sheet? Is it gold plated? WTF?

DINKS said...

ewww freaky! little hands scary me. esp. plastic ones.

Jane said...

Tal - I know! It's like the Peterson's Field Guide for facial hair.

Liam - You would hope so, but sadly, I don't think so.

J. Money - I know! That's what makes them fantastic! ;)

Anonymous said...

The wife used to sell Pampered Chef... and while I'm not trying to sell anything... baking on the stoneware is much better...

Just a tip... =)