Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dog days of November

Dear Internets,

I just deleted a post about how awesome the "PediPaws" tool is. It sounded like an advertisement.

But for reals, if you have a dog who 1.) would love nothing more than to have an excuse to sit in your lap, and 2.) turns into Cujo when he gets within 20 feet of a pair of nail clippers, it's worth checking out.

Deep down, Bailey is just a lap dog in a horse's body.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I think Bailey and I are going to head out for a walk to enjoy the dreary (but lovely) fall weather. Achilles is brewing beer right now, and the whole house reeks of hops. Hops have a fairly pleasant smell, I guess, but right now I sort of feel like I've fallen into a fermented feed silo.

When we get back, I'm going to make ham, cheese, and cornmeal muffins for dinner. I think they'll be delicious served with black beans.

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon, Internets!



tal said...

aww! now i totally want a dog AND ham, cheese and cornmeal muffins! happy autumn!

Hillary said...

oooohhhh I really want to hear more about the PediPaws! my pup hates getting her nails clipped.

The Kraken said...

Jane, you need to come over and teach my dog how to use her PediPaws. Because instead of sitting there LIKE THE COMMERCIALS SAID SHE WOULD, she decided to release her anal glands everywhere instead.