Monday, October 27, 2008

Bullet points are our friends

Dear Internets,

I have a little bit of a headache today, so, um... high five for bullet points!
  • I finished taking care of the ticket I got a couple of months ago. It was mostly painless to deal with; I took defensive driving and got my court records online, and then dropped everything off at a satellite police station. (If they'd only set things up so I could submit all of my forms online, I'd be one happy little lead-footed driver.)
  • Because of the ticket, I should be saving some money on my car insurance. How backwards is that? (My insurance company gives a discount for completing defensive driving. My discount was about to expire, so getting a ticket wasn't as much of a pointless pain as it might have been. Again, though, I wish I could somehow submit the paperwork to my insurance company online.)
  • I realized that I will be able to pay off the smaller of my two (consolidated) student loans this month. I want to be student loan-free before I'm thirty, so it will be exciting to see one of the loans drop off my monthly statement.
  • Bailey's black cat costume came in the mail today. I think it makes him look more like Batman than Catdog, so I might return it. I'm going to get Achilles' opinion.
  • I don't have any days off until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, job #2 will pretty much slow to a complete stop until spring. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself.
  • I'm going to stop talking now before the Internets decide we can't be friends anymore.


Anonymous said...

Hey Batman may not be so bad. :) YAY for bullet points. Bullet points are our friends!

Anonymous said...

batdog is just one letter away from catdog. but i love the idea of catdog. also, awesome about the student loans!! i WISH i had a clue of when i will be debt free!

tal said...

i'm just happy that pet costumes haven't gotten as slutty as costumes for girls...! once you decide on the costume please post pics, dogs dressed up are my favorite thing in the world!!!

Dan said...

I don't believe my student loans will ever be paid off. They got me by the balls! I borrowed so much I'm paying over $200/month in interest alone.

Elizabeth said...

You should definitely let us see the costume! Batman could be very cute.