Thursday, August 28, 2008

He hung WHAT from the back of his truck?

Dear Internets,

Do people drive around with "Truck Nuts" in other places, or is that just one of those hazards of living in Texas?



tal said...

oh god. ok, i'll say it. nuts- if i'm not getting dinner and a movie, flowers, cute texts and snuggles, i really dont want to see them. especially on a moving vehicle. urg. can i go back to the uk already? what are american men thinking??? and why does the post about firefox get more comments than this one??? priorities people!

The New Glitterati said...

Hahaha- I've seen those things around Baltimore as well. And, I used to live in Florida and, unfortunately, they were QUITE popular there.

I wish someone would design an anatomically-correct vulva that I could hang off the back of my Mazda.