Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Weirdness Rambling

Dear Internets,

Oh, the weekend, it was weird.

Friday, my mom called me and told me that I'd gotten a package in the mail. I hadn't been expecting anything (especially not delivered to my parents' house) so I asked her to open it.

It was a cell phone.

I immediately started getting visions of getting one of those phone calls that starts with a vague threat and ends with me running across the city with 20,000 deutschmarks in a desperate attempt to stop my boyfriend/a madman/a disgruntled former employee of my workplace from getting himself arrested/kidnapping a family member/blowing up the city, all while dramatic music plays in the background. I didn't even have my running shoes on!

Fortunately, it turned out to be some weird marketing ploy, so the only dramatic decision I'll have to make is whether or not to sell the phone on eBay.

Saturday morning, I was running late for my training group, and ended up getting a speeding ticket. The ticket said I was going 70 in a 60, but I later re-drove the route and realized it was really 70 in a 65. It's tempting to attempt to contest the ticket on those grounds, but really, I was speeding and deserved to get pulled over. While I can definitely think of many MANY ways I'd rather spend $150, I have no one to blame for the expense but myself and my lead foot.

After my lonely run (the group was gone by the time I finally arrived) I headed to work at the second job for a few hours. Thankfully, the morning at work passed without any major snafus. After work, we took Bailey out to the lake (he loved the water, hated actually swimming) and then met a friend out for dinner. My friend has just finished student teaching, and had awesome stories to tell.

Sunday, I took Bailey on a walk, read a magazine out by the pool for a couple of hours, went to work yet again, bought groceries for the week, and then split a pitcher of beer with a friend at a local pub.

I took Bailey with me to the pub. I used to brag that I had exposed him to almost everything recommended by his puppy kindergarten teacher as part of his puppy socialization. However, last night I realized I'd missed at least one thing: cigarettes. A lady was smoking outside the entrance (the smoking ban really just moves smokers out to the sidewalks), and wanted to discuss how much her dog looked like Bailey. Bailey found her absolutely terrifying, and hid behind my legs until she went away. I found the whole situation amusing in a kind of "wow, what a sheltered life we lead, Bales and I," kind of way.

I think that's enough rambling for now, Internets. I hope your weekend was enjoyable.


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SavingDiva said...

Bailey and I have a lot in common. I also hide from people smoking cigarettes.